USA Today calls on Congress to censure Trump

The USA Today editorial board has called on Congress to censure President Trump following his statements in the wake of the deadly Charlottesville protest.

The editorial charges, “the curse of Twitter is its driveby nature, allowing leaders to dip their toes in controversy without really getting wet.”

Trump’s comments have been widely condemned by Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as Democrats. Many lawmakers have issued statements on social media.

The editorial calls for action to be taken in the form of a formal statement of disapproval.

“Trump’s heated exchange Tuesday with reporters in the Trump Tower lobby, where he drew moral equivalence between fascist and anti-fascist demonstrators, provided ample reason for a dressing down,” the editorial reads.

At Trump’s tumultuous impromptu press conference Tuesday afternoon he defended his decision to wait two days to denounce the white supremacist groups at the Charlottesville protest, which resulted in the death of a counter-protester and injured many others because he didn’t have “the facts.” He also blamed both sides for what happened.

Earlier Wednesday, three House Democrats unveiled a resolution to censure the president. Formal reprimands of the president have happened only a few times in history.

During the 2016 election, the board broke from its tradition of refraining from presidential endorsements and denounced the candidacy of Donald Trump. However, the paper did not give a flat-out endorsement of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

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