Video: Baggage handlers destroy Vittorio Brumotti’s bike on way to USA – and the replacement on way back to Italy

Vittorio Brumotti, it’s fair to say, is not too happy with Alitalia – or rather, the baggage handlers who load and unload luggage from its flights to the United States.

The Italian trials ace was in the States for some filming recently, and on arrival discovered that his bike had been destroyed on the way out there.

He posted a picture showing the damaged rear stay of his bike, saying: “I’m speechless. I travel with the national flag carrier Alitalia and they destroy my bike! Never again!”

Happily, he managed to obtain a replacement bike, and used it in this video of him taking on the Grand Canyon.

Brumotti Grand Canyon.JPG

The only problem is, that bike got wrecked too at some point on his flight back from Los Angeles to Milan’s Linate airport via Rome.

“You’ve pissed me off, Alitalia,” he wrote. “You’ve destroyed my second bicycle too!”

Helpfully, a good few of the people commenting on a video posted by a less-than-happy Brumotti from the airport earlier this week suggested he use a hard-sided bike box in future, rather than the soft bag he had on this trip.

If he wants any suggestions, he could do worse than look at our Buyers Guide on the subject.

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We also have a guide to flying with your bike.

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