Videos shared on social media show strength of Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma roared ashore in South Florida, social media was flooded with videos of the storm’s incredible strength.

Storm chaser Simon Brewer has been posting incredible footage of whipping winds.

In one video, Brewer gets out of his vehicle and is seen struggling to stand in the storm.

Storm chaser Mike Theiss posted a video of water rushing through the streets, captioning the post: “Eyewall and Storm Surge!”

Reporter Brian Entin posted a video of downtown Miami appearing to be “totally underwater.”

Casey Scheu in Key Largo, Florida posted an eerie video showing a boat sitting on dry land due to the ocean receding.

A video taken from a high-rise shows curtains flying out of a window that appeared to have been broken by the strong winds.

The winds were so strong that a crane collapsed on top of a building in downtown Miami.

Suzy Schwartz posted a video from Miami Beach showing a boat being knocked around by violent waves.

Journalist Nathan Crooks posted a video showing rushing water through the streets of Miami.

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