Virgin Media man spotted ‘swigging cider behind the wheel of his work van’

A FURIOUS dad-of-two claims he saw a Virgin Media employee swig back a can of cider while behind the wheel of his work van.

The 26-year-old delivery driver’s jaw dropped when he spied the uniformed man sat in the driving seat with the alcoholic drink.

After stopping at a red light, the enraged driver snapped a photo of Richard Branson’s employee which shows the can propped up in the drink holder.

He even tried to confront him by rolling down his window and shouting “oi”.

The Asda driver, who does not wish to be named, exclusively told The Sun Online: “He was casually driving around sipping from his cider can while on duty.

“I wound down the window to confront him, but when I shouted he just gave me a dirty look and shunted the van forward to try to avoid eye contact.

“Even if he wasn’t on duty, who in their right mind would swig cider on the way home still in your work van and uniform?

“It has puzzled me.”

The Sun Online


The dad, from Swindon, was carrying out food deliveries in Witney at around 6.40pm on Friday when he claims to have come across the unusual sight.

He now plans to hand over the driver’s licence plate to Virgin Media and lodge a formal complaint.

He added: “His job is similar to mine because we both spend our days driving around the country visiting customers.

“Even though I’m only delivering shopping, I know I need to keep professional at all times – especially when you are wearing a uniform and driving around in a branded van.”

“I see a lot of weird and wonderful things while working on the road, but this was unacceptable.

“I cannot stand drink drivers.

“I’m not saying he was drunk, but what good reason would there be to have a can of cider in your work van?

“It’s outrageous.”

A Virgin Media spokesman told Sun Online: “We are looking into this incident and will be speaking to the driver of the van.”

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