Volta Region youth share ideas at maiden entrepreneurship seminar

Some youth in the Volta Region have organised a maiden entrepreneurship workshop aimed at generating investment ideas for the region.

Dubbed ‘Creative Ideas for Entrepreneurship’, speakers from diverse backgrounds and from different parts of the region converged at the Church of Pentecost at Adawukope in Agbozume to brainstorm ways to improve the economic activities and living conditions in the region.

The first speaker at the event, Elolo Kelie, a youth development worker, highlighted the potential of kente-weaving business in Agbozume and suggested a rebranding of the widespread fabric weaving business venture in the area to give it a national and global appeal.

“This can happen when the youths take this business seriously,” he said.

He also said there are existing natural resources in the area that can be developed to bring jobs to the region.

He also urged the youth to embark on quality skills development to make them suitable for the job market.

“Adaptability is important. You must adapt yourselves to the existing circumstances in order to respond to the demands of the environment you find yourselves,” he urged participants.

He appealed to the government to come to the aid of the region to make it business-friendly.

The second speaker, Mr Paul Kuenyefu, an Author and Entrepreneur, also advised the youth against idling about.

He urged them to use the existing opportunities in the region to create something valuable.

“You should not the lack of cash be an excuse for your inability to achieve something worthwhile in this life. There are a lot of opportunities out there,” he said.

He adds, “Nothing extraordinary happens in a day. it takes days and months, it needs perseverance and determination.”

Mr Kunyefu, a graduate, also advised the youths to be employers rather than employees.

“No government can enroll all tertiary school graduates on the payroll. It is time for us to aim at being employers rather than employees. For one to go into business, the first decision should be the type of business:  not money.

“One’s integrity is also a great factor in any business transaction. It helps your suppliers and creditors to make our businesses grow,” he shared.

Focusing on creativity, the last speaker, Alhaji Ismaila Yusif Maiga, said creativity is not only about invention but about improvisation.

“Using the existing resource to solve a problem which that resource is not actually intended for is creativity,” he said.

Some salient points agreed upon by participants at the event include the following:

1. The establishment and celebration of a Kente Festival to market the fabric weaving trade;

2. The setting up of a Kente marketing industry in Agbozume to promote the growth of the business

3. Getting investors to capitalise the production of coconut oil, starch biscuits, as well as farming and salt production. 

About 20 business opportunities were identified in these areas.

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