Wanted: 4,000 recruits for SAF

The Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is looking for 4,000 recruits nationwide.

“We are calling on able-bodied men [to apply]. We’re giving you an opportunity to serve the country through patriotic deeds,” Senior Insp. San Roget Ho, the head of SAF Region 7 Mobile Recruitment, said in a statement on Tuesday

According to the SAF’s recruitment page on Facebook, the elite police force is seeking candidates from among those who have passed the PNP’s entrance examinations conducted by the National Police Commission.

The recruitment page said applicants should be Filipino citizens, at least 21 years old but not older than 30, at least 5’4 for male and 5’2 for female and should have no criminal record.

“We would bring the applicants to Camp Bagong Diwa [in Taguig City]for oath- taking. Basically, all the processing of application would happen there,” Ho said.

He added that the recruitment of the 4,000 police officers took off from President Rodrigo Duterte’s observation that there was a shortage of SAF officers.

“The mere fact that the President sees that SAF is undermanned is the reason we need to have more personnel,” Ho said.

The SAF officers, he added, are expected to be more equipped and more well-trained than ordinary policemen.
Ho said the Special Action Force specializes in anti-terrorism efforts, including defusing of bombs.

“The SAF was originally created as an intervention unit. It is a unit that does operations against high-value targets,” he added.

The recruitment page said a SAF member would earn P22,354 a month.

He or she would also have P35,000 worth of benefits a year.

The SAF member would also be able to visit many places as part of his or her job.

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