What Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz said about South Carolina

South Carolina escaped Saturday with a win against Louisiana Tech. The 17-16 come-from-behind victory lifted the Gamecocks to 3-1 overall. Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz is a former South Carolina assistant — he spent six seasons in Columbia from 1999-2004 — and while he didn’t like leaving town with a loss, he did enjoy being back in a familiar place.

Holtz spoke about returning to South Carolina and what he thought of Will Muschamp and the Gamecocks.

What Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz said:

  • “It was a game of very few possessions. Both teams were controlling the ball, and it changed the way you called it. When things started with long drives and the defense was on the field for a long time, I just felt like we needed to try and control the ball as well. In the end, you know it’s going to be a fourth-quarter game, and it’s going to be a close game. I give South Carolina credit. They made the plays they needed to make.”
  • “There’s no moral victory here. We’re not walking out of here jumping up and down, excited because it was a close football game. We came in here with a mindset that we wanted to win.”
  • “It was neat to come back in here and see so many familiar faces. We have made life-long friends that we had the opportunity to catch up with a little bit. To see all of the people that are still here from when I left 13 years ago, to see all of the incredible changes Ray Tanner has made to the stadium and the surrounding area, it’s truly an incredible job that he has done. This is a special place with incredible facilities, but it is the people that make this place special.”
  • “I think Will Muschamp will do a great job. He is a really good football coach, and they have a very solid football team. He will continue to build this thing in his image and likeness as he gets his recruits in here, and I think they will do nothing but improve.”

What Louisiana Tech QB J’Mar Smith said:

  • “They got the momentum. The crowd is on their side, so you know the crowd gets into it and it gives them momentum. We just tried to do the best we can and drove the ball down the field. We got the field goal we needed.”
  • “The last play the receiver caught the ball; it was a good catch. They drove the ball down the field, and they did what they had to do to put the ball in a situation to kick the field goal to win the game.”

South Carolina football: Facing tough times, Gamecocks find a way to win

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