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(WHAT THE TECH) – All the excitement over the epic eclipse won’t end after Monday. The folks at Google along with teams from Cal-Berkley and the Space Science Laboratory will be gathering thousands of photos from around the country to make what they’re calling a ‘Megamovie’.

Google released an app to help take photos at just the right time, for folks in the path of totality or just a partial glimpse of the eclipse. The goal is to take all of those photos and piece them together, giving us a continuous movie as the moon crosses the path of the sun.

The hope is that thousands of images stitched together will give scientists information that’s never been available before and give them an incredible data of the sun and how it affects the world.

They’re also planning to take this data and compare it to information they get the next time an eclipse happens in the United States in 2024 which will show them if there’s any difference over a 7 year period.

Even if you don’t have the app, you can still participate by uploading the photos to Google. If you have photos of the eclipse shot with a DSLR camera you can upload those from your computer.

Sign up at eclipsemegamovie.com. Fill in the information about your camera and where the photos were taken. Sign up for a newsletter which will tell you when the megamovie is finished and where you can see it.

You don’t need special equipment or fancy cameras. They’ll look at all of the photos and include the ones they think are best.

Google says the megamovie will be a work in progress but early versions of the final movie will be available for viewing Monday night.

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