What will it be like today in your area?

Summer is over. Wherever you are in Britain today, it will be likely cloudy and a bit damp. 

Rain will push east across Scotland and Northern Ireland, heavy for Scotland, followed by sunshine and showers later in the west.

It will be very windy for the Northern Isles. England and Wales will be mostly cloudy with spots of rain or drizzle but with a few brighter spells later. Feeling muggy.

Tonight, it will be a mainly dry start to the night with patchy cloud and mist. However, outbreaks of heavy rain will push in from the south-west across much of northern and western Britain. It will be drier for the south-east. A muggy night.

It was a tough weekend for those in the east of the country, especially Cornwall.

People were trapped in their cars and roads were closed as surface flooding hit parts of the country.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service attended incidents across the east of the county after heavy rain fell early on Sunday.

The Environment Agency issued a flood alert listing the main areas of concern as the Rivers Camel, Allen and Bodmin Town Leat Catchments.

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