What would make wind energy work?

Barbara Barter, Mayor of Burgeo – It depends on what the company is looking for from government. Supporting the company in doing that is extremely important. New jobs on the west coast would benefit everybody. With any increase in jobs, one would expect an increase in services in the region too. Whether Burgeo will be able to offer port services for the wind farm site they’re planning off Burgeo is yet to be seen, but we have a good port here and will certainly be offering that to the company.


Charles Pender, Mayor of Corner Brook – What it’s going to take is a commitment from the province to consider an offtake agreement before the end of the year so that Beothuk could export wind energy to the continent over the Maritime Link. The benefits for Corner Brook would be enormous: a fabrication facility in the Brake’s Cove area and the the creation of a new windmill fabrication industry in Corner Brook, which could be in the vicinity of 600 new, long-term permanent jobs in the new green industry.


Otto Goulding, Mayor of Pasadena – I guess what needs to happen is to have the approval of the provincial government. I assume that would be important and I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t do it. We may be late getting on board, so the faster the approvals are given, the better. Any jobs on the west coast are good for Pasadena and the entire region. People are fairly mobile thee days and I would think some of these people getting those jobs would want to live in Pasadena.


Tom O’Brien, Mayor of Stephenville – Timelines are always important when trying to get a project of this magnitude off the ground. Beothuk has funding in place, but it won’t stay in place forever, so the schedule of working through the regulatory process is vital. We think we’ll get a fair share of it with the service centre being planned for Stephenville. There are reasons why fabrication will be done in Corner Brook, with its waterfront property and the how the lay of the bay facilitates something like this.


Todd Strickland, Mayor of Port aux Basques – To become a reality for the full undertaking of it, we all have to work together with a common end in mind. The province plays a big role. Whenever they weigh in and contribute or come onside in an agreement, it’s surely a plus for all those involved. We’re not really not sure yet how Port aux Basques will benefit. It might not be an equal share of the pie, but we’re hoping for more than crumbs. If it’s a big piece, we will take it. If it’s a small piece, we’ll take whatever we can get.

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