Why universities should encourage student entrepreneurship

The word entrepreneurial means the potential and the eagerness to organize and govern a new project for business purpose with a lot of risks involved in it. Today, students are sprinting after multinational companies just after completion of their degrees. Students who want to establish their own business have to wait for the completion of their education – at least up to college level – to achieve formal education.

Teenagers and students must be provided with all the basic entrepreneurial tools at the right time, that is, when they start building their career. Knowledge of the subject at initial stage helps the students to ascertain their objectives. Forming an action plan is easier when the goals are certain and defined, otherwise, aspirants are in a consistent dilemma which diverts their mind to pursuit jobs which they do not prefer.

Early education plays an important role in generating characteristics that are condemnatory to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Self-confidence, motivation, affinity, are the crucial attributes of an entrepreneur, giving them the direction to turn their ambitions into reality. Entrepreneurial education is a potent tool for producing these qualities in students. Entrepreneurship is not for every student, but only for the determined ones.

Starting an entrepreneurship business from university level is the hardest thing but on the other hand you have time for research and business along with the studies. As per reports, it has been seen that 24% of the universities are running some business of their own kind. Similarly, The foundation at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship is incubating 17 teams in the current batch which rigorously explored various platforms, all over Pakistan, that bring entrepreneurs and innovators together and shortlisted direct applicants to the center.  In the same way, many other universities should also initiate introduction of entrepreneurship centers which will allow young students to deploy their ideas from their home universities. If your idea is new, then no matter if you failed or advanced at it, you will still have some experience that would help in further starting up the business. You are not finite to the traditional nine-hour jobs, it is an absurd assumption. One thing to be kept in mind is that- you are starting your own business which means you have an idea and more likely, it should be confirmed that this is not already existing. So, through mistakes and experience, one can learn a lot.

Entrepreneurship is an authority over your future. You can control it in your own way, not having pressure of someone else because the skills are on the inside of an individual based on the element of creativity and individuality. Later on, they are improved with the experiences and challenges to become successful entrepreneurs in future.

Entrepreneurship can break barriers if passionate minds are supported with proper entrepreneurial environment. The young generation has much potential, so, all that is needed is to foster this generation with basic opportunities which can later proliferate our generation to a better shape and solve the world’s most pressing problems.

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