Will Apple’s iPhone X Alter The Face Of Smartphone Tech?

The new iPhone’s out, and it unlocks not with a fingerprint, but with your face. We’ll take a look and see where mobile phone technology and competition are.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the new iPhone X at the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple campus on Tuesday in Cupertino, Calif. (Marco Jose Sanchez/AP)


David Pierce, senior staff writer at WIRED covering personal technology (@pierce)

Aaron Pressman, senior writer at Fortune covering technology (@ampressman)

Hal Hodson, technology correspondent at The Economist (@halhod)

Tom’s Reading List

Fortune: Apple’s Next iPhone Is Already Facing a Stronger Field From Samsung, LG, and Sony — “Apple will unveil its newest iPhones in one week, and possibly an upgraded smartwatch, as well. But the rest of the industry has been trying to anticipate Apple’s moves with new phones and watches of their own. And the competition is bringing more useful new features to consumers than ever.”

The Economist: What machines can tell from your face — “The face is not just a name-tag. It displays a lot of other information—and machines can read that, too. Again, that promises benefits.  … But the technology also threatens.”

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