Will Hurricane Maria hit USA? Fears Maria could strike East Coast | Weather | News

The deadly cyclone is slowly making its way across Puerto Rico, after it first made landfall near Yabucoa, at around 6.15am EDT (5.15am BST).

The colossal weather front has since battered the Caribbean island with widespread flooding and winds speeds of up to 155 mph.

NOOA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects Hurricane Maria to stay clear of the US East Coast by heading out into the Atlantic by Sunday.

However one forecaster has said he is “a little nervous” about this prediction.

WBTC meteorologist Al Conklin explained: “First, some of the most reliable models suggested that Maria would miss Puerto Rico to the north and on Tuesday the official track had the storm barely brushing the northeast tip of the island, pushing north of San Juan.  

“Instead, Maria made landfall well south of San Juan and tracked right across the middle part of the island.

“And think back to Irma.  Irma was once forecast to pass north of Puerto Rico by 600 miles, according to the Global Forecast Solution (GFS) model. It didn’t.  

“And right up until landfall in the Florida Keys, the forecast was always adjusting Irma to the west. West, west, west.”

Mr Conklin went on to say that Hurricane Jose is another example of a weather system defying expectations.

“Jose is still swirling around the mid-Atlantic region south of New England,” the forecaster said.

“Jose was supposed to be 600 miles off the North Carolina coast Tuesday as it pushed north.  

“Jose was instead 200 miles or so and the Outer Banks got blasted with rain and wind.”

He added: “I hope and pray Maria has no impact on the Carolinas, and maybe it won’t.  

“But the models continue to subtly push west with every run and I think you’ll see the NHC forecast follow suite.”

Mr Conklin urged people not to panic about the hurricane but at the same time urged everyone to remain vigilant.

“I think it would be foolish to turn our back on Maria at this point, thinking it as a ‘fish storm’,” he said.  

“It’s way too early in the game to do that and so I’ll be monitoring and you should as well.”

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