Women from low-income households get energy conservation lessons

Women from low-income households get energy conservation lessons

Friday, September 15, 2017

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Approximately 60 women from low-income households are now better equipped to reduce energy usage in their homes.

The women, who participated in two household energy conservation and efficiency workshops last month, now understand the value of energy conservation and efficiency, and were guided through practical measures to reduce energy usage.

Held in the Greater Brown’s Town and Waterhouse communities of Kingston, the workshops — a collaborative effort of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Caribbean Clean Energy Program (CARCEP) and the Ministry of National Security, through its Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) III — also exposed participants to ways to save money for their family through energy conservation efforts.

The participants were also encouraged to share their knowledge with their communities.

The women who participated in the workshop expressed their gratitude for the opportunity, especially in light of the high demands on their household income.

They shared that they will now be able to implement cost-saving measures that should lead to them having more disposable income which can advance their families’ priorities, such as education and home improvement.

The women said they especially appreciated that the workshop taught them how to read their electricity bills and, in doing so, helped them to identify ways in which they can cut back on unnecessary usage.

According to gender specialist at the CSJP, Cordia Chambers-Johnson, the partnership was important as the programme moves to assist the communities they serve in order to strengthen community governance capabilities.

She added that the initiative, which was implemented through the respective community development committees, is symbolic of what can be achieved once community groups collaborate for the common good of their areas.

In the meantime, chief of party for CARCEP, Daniel Potash, noted that the “Jamaica household managers impressed me”, as they have taken up the goal of energy conservation and “were eagerly soaking up the advice of the seasoned experts, demonstrating understanding and resolve”.

The workshops were rolled out as part of USAID Caribbean Clean Energy Programme’s wider outreach initiative to aid the public with lowering residential energy consumption as one solution to lessening the country’s energy dependence.

The workshops are slated to be replicated across the island.

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