Women should consider entrepreneurship: foundation

The focus was on women in the industry and to show that entrepreneurship is a viable career option.

The study was conducted by Living Facts and the statistics focuses on, among other things, what influences women to take that plunge to become an entrepreneur.

Living Facts’ Marylou Kneale says the study was conducted with around 600 women – some who already have businesses and some who failed.

The study found that women start businesses to make money and to do good – where men mostly do it for profit only.

Kneale says the global statistics show one percent of wealth sits with women.

“It’s very small. So, how do you get more women to, at least, participate in the economy? One of the ways of doing it is that women have their own businesses. It’s not only about passion and reward, but about empowerment and upliftment of other people,” Kneale says.

According to Kneale, women face several challenges when starting a business.

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