Xiaomi Mi Calculator Download Available From Google Play Store

Xiaomi Inc. recently released its Mi Calculator. The application was released on August 31 and it’s available on Google Play Store. As long as you own a device with Android 4.1 (or newer) you can go right now and download it for free.

Responsive, easy-to-use interface

Xiaomi is known for the fact that it delivers offers quality products and users appreciate MIUI. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the new Mi Calculator is very responsive to commands and it comes with the same clean interface. You can perform all kind of calculation and have the result quickly, with no lags. This is also one of the reasons why Mi Calculator has a chance to become one of the most popular calculator apps, despite the fact that there are many available in Google Play Store.

Mi Calculator has a simple, minimalist design as well. Without unnecessary details, the calculator will offer you exactly what you need for your calculations and you can see all the functions clearly.

Wide range of functionality

Xiaomi’s Mi Calculator comes to offer you every single function needed, the new app can do all the things that other calculator apps do. One of its strengths is the fact that the currency converter feature of the Mi Calculator is probably one of the most accurate ones out there. That’s because this app will receive daily updates about the currencies, therefore making sure that the currency rate calculations are always correct.

Mi Calculator can perform simple calculations, but you can also use it for more complicated ones. This calculator can perform logarithms, long string of calculations, trigonometric functions and many other things. It also has a mortgage calculator and a metric converter.

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