Xiaomi Mi Calculator Is Now On Google Play Store

Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/213139/20170903/xiaomis-mi-calculator-is-now-available-on-the-play-store-heres-why-you-should-care.htm

Are you fond of using Xiaomi Mi Calculator? If you are, then here’s exciting news for you — it’s now available on Google Play Store.

It’s a new calculator app that does more than a standard Android calculator. It may not be the most popular app on your list, but it’s a useful tool that you can use regularly.

The app is free that can fulfill all your calculator needs. In that case, you’ll no longer have to download and install another calculator app.

But is it a great calculator app?

It’s one of the excellent apps from Xiaomi that made it on Google Play Store. The developer is from China, where users can’t access the Store. It’ll be a let down for those living in that country as they can’t access the app.

The standard calculator apps have limited features. They can only perform addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division, among other essential things. But the Xiaomi Mi calculator can do a lot of other things.

In this app, you can convert one currency to another. Unit converter is also available. Then, if you’re a homeowner, then the mortgage calculator feature is a handy one.

What’s even better is that you can download and use the app even if you don’t have a Xiaomi device. The company decided to allow every Android user to have this calculator on his/her device.

Regardless of what device you have, you can use it without issues. Although you can use it on your smartphone or tablet, you can’t utilize it yet with your smartwatch.

Meanwhile, the company, which is a tech startup touted as the Apple of China, is set to announce its latest smartphone unit — Mi Mix 2. It’ll happen on September 11, which is a day before Apple will formally announce iPhone 8. The new unit is stated to have an edge-to-edge screen, just like the highly anticipated new iPhone.

Xiaomi is building phones with a similar design as the smartphones of Apple. They’re so similar that Apple design chief accused the company of theft. Its CEO also adopted an attitude similar to Steve Jobs. He also wears almost the same outfit as the co-founder of Apple.

However, in recent years, the company’s products are no longer similar to Apple’s. The company even made fun at Apple when it’s presenting the products. It made unflattering comparisons between Xiaomi products and that of Apple’s.

The iPhone 8, on the other hand, will mark ten years since the first Apple’s smartphone unveiling. Although nothing is official yet, experts believe that the features of the latest iPhone will have a radical redesign with a bezel-free screen.

It’ll have no physical home button, but it’ll have facial recognition feature for unlocking the phone. It has a revamped camera with a glass back.

The edge-to-edge screen isn’t new in the smartphone industry. And Apple isn’t the first one to introduce it. In fact, the original Mi Mix from Xiaomi released in 2016 and helped in pioneering the design. Other smartphone manufacturers have already adopted and released their phones with edge-to-edge screens.

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