Xiaomi Mi Calculator Now Available On The Play Store

Quite a number of Android phone manufacturers have been putting up their own exclusive phone apps on the Play Store. The earliest I remember is ASUS putting a number of its apps such as its contacts and dialer app and file manager app on the Play Store a few years ago. Xiaomi has joined the league and put up its Mi Calculator on the Play Store.

The Mi Calculator app is one of the best calculator apps I have used personally. Unlike other calculators I have come across which can do no more than basic calculation with a little bit of scientific function, the Mi App does so much more. It has a currency converter, a mortgage calculator, a scientific calculator and even a unit converter. It also has a history where you can view and edit previous calculations.

The currency converter is updated daily, so you don’t have to worry about the rates being outdated. The user interface is also pretty clean and the app is just under 5MB. So if you have been looking for a an app that combines basic and scientific calculation, currency conversion, unit conversion and mortgage calculation in a single app, the Mi Calculator is your best bet.

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The app isn’t perfect as it doesn’t have a night mode feature. Only the menu where you select the feature you need is dark.

The Mi Calculator works with devices running Android 4.1 and up.

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