Xiaomi Placed the Xiaomi Mi Calculator on the Google Play Store

Xiaomi Placed the Xiaomi Mi Calculator on the Google Play Store: Now, all the Xiaomi phone lovers can get the ‘Mi’ software from the Google Play Store. Finally, the Xiaomi Inc’s stock made their ‘Mi’ software available to download, and we can avail it directly from the Google Play Store. On any device, we can find it along with Android 4.1 or the newer updates.

Xiaomi Placed the Xiaomi Mi Calculator on the Google Play Store:

The calculator contains the broad range of functionalities which are not present in the other phones. We can avail it directly from the Play Store. In that, the users can perform all type of calculations through only from one application and interface. Without having hang-ups and lag, they can do the entire math part quickly using this Xiaomi calculator. It is very responsive.

Scientific Mi Calculator:

The basic calculator will allow us to do the multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. But using this Mi Calculator which is the scientific calculator, will enable us to do the complex trigonometric functions, logarithms and even more functions.

History Feature:

It also possesses the history and with the help of it, we can do the long strings of calculations. This may aid users to double check their result and we can know what we have done previously. It will give us the entire previous records.

Mortgage Calculator:

The Scientific Mi Calculator contains the mortgage calculator. Using it, we can calculate the exact amount of the next payments that we have to give. We can convert the various metrics regarding the volume, area, length, speed, time and mass. People can find the options in the apps menu.

Universal Currency Converter:

This calculator will also get the daily updates directly to its universal currency converter feature.

We should take some struggles regarding the accurate, up-to-date exchange rate. Using this, we can make the currency rate calculations from the single app, and we will get the actual results.

In Play Store, we will find many calculator apps, and many of them will perform same like the Xiaomi’s software.

The Mi Calculator will become familiar as it has the wide range of functionalities and easy-to-use interface. This feature will make it become the popular one among all.


It will match exactly with the Android users who are utilising the MIUI theming. Mi Calculator resembles the familiar one which is replicating the MIUI user interface, icons or typography. We can find it if we go and check for it on the Play Store. If you are interested, then download it from the Google Play Store.

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