Xiaomi Puts Its Mi Calculator On The Google Play Store

As of August 31, fans of Xiaomi Inc.’s stock “Mi” software will be able to download and use the company’s Mi Calculator straight from Google Play on any device with Android 4.1 or newer. The calculator itself brings a plethora of functionality not always found in the other available stock calculator replacements found in the Play Store, giving users the option to perform all sorts of calculations from one application and interface. Better still, the interface itself is very snappy and responsive, true to Xiaomi form, so users should be able to do all of the math they need to do quickly, without hangups or lag.

Beyond the basic calculations that nearly any calculator can perform – multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition – Mi Calculator is also a scientific calculator, which allows users to perform more complex trigonometric functions, logarithms, and more. It also features a history, making it easier to perform long strings of calculations since users can double check prior calculations if they forget where they were at or for whatever other reason. It also features a mortgage calculator, which helps users figure out what the exact amount of their next payment will be. Furthermore, users looking to convert between various metrics for volume, area, length, speed, time, and mass can find an option for that in the apps menu. Rounding out the features on the app’s functionality front, Mi Calculator also receives daily updates to its universal currency converter feature. That should take some of the struggles out of getting an accurate, up-to-date exchange rate – allowing users to confidently make currency rate calculations from within a single app and with as high a level of accuracy as possible.

There are already a huge number of calculator apps to choose from on the Play Store already, and many of them will, of course, do the same things that Xiaomi’s software will. However, the clean, easy-to-use interface and a wide range of functionality could make Mi Calculator one of the more popular choices. It should also match up nicely with any Android users who already utilize MIUI theming – or any of the popular clones replicating the MIUI user interface, icons, or typography. Anybody interested in checking it out can hit the Play Store button or source link below.

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