Xiaomi’s Mi Calculator is Now Available on the Google Play Store

Xiaomi started offering its “Mi” software for download and use of its Mi calculator directly from Google Play Store from August 31. The app can be downloaded on any gadget with Android 4.1 version or more recent one. The calculator comes with a variety of features that is generally not available in any other stock calculator found in the Play Store, giving clients the choice to play out a wide range of estimations from one application and interface. Even better, the interface itself is extremely smart and responsive, consistent with Xiaomi’s form, so clients ought to have the capacity to do the greater part of the math they have to do rapidly, without hangups or lag.

Apart from the fundamental computations that about any calculator can perform – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – Mi Calculator is additionally a scientific calculator, which enables users to solve more mind boggling trigonometric equations, logarithms, and more. It additionally includes a history, making it simpler to perform long series of estimations since clients can twofold check earlier counts on the off chance that they overlook where they were at or for whatever other reason. It likewise includes a mortgage calculator, which enables clients to make sense of what the correct amount of their next installment will be. Besides, users looking for conversion between different measurements for volume, area, length, speed, time, and mass can find an option for that in the applications menu. Adjusting the highlights on the application’s usefulness front, Mi Calculator likewise gets day by day updates to its general currency converter feature.

There are numerous calculators to look over on the Play Store as of now, and a significant number of them will, obviously, do similar things that Xiaomi’s product will. In any case, the perfect, simple to-utilize interface and an extensive variety of usefulness could make Mi Calculator one of the most prominent decisions. It ought to likewise coordinate easily with any Android client who as of now uses MIUI theming – or any of the well-known clones recreating the MIUI UI, symbols, or typography. Those who are interested in trying this new app can head straight to the Play Store now.

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