Young Entrepreneurs Put Forward Ideas for Sustainable Development at the Future Energy Forum

Guided by coordinators and experts from The DO School, a global education platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and successful business, young participants of the Tenth Conference of the Future Energy Forum discussed ways to address climate change.

Working groups presented their final projects on the second day of the Conference. The Future Energy Award was given to the team who suggested the establishment of Taishan Foundation to facilitate cultural exchange between China and Kazakhstan, support entrepreneurship and help engage the population of both countries in the development of the One Belt – One Road project.

A special guest at the Conference was Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss pilot, traveller and inventor of Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered aircraft. In 2016 he and his co-pilot André Borschberg successfully completed the first round-the-world-flight in an aircraft that carried not a drop of fuel and did not contaminate the environment.

Bertrand Piccard said the Solar Impulse project served as a platform to demonstrate technology progress and energy sustainability and that its key purpose was to raise public awareness and promote political initiatives for energy efficiency.

During the Conference International and Kazakhstani experts discussed the implementation of innovations for energy efficiency, climate change, the role of social establishments in the development of future energy, models for financing clean energy and the impact of renewable energy on life quality.

About Astana EXPO 2017 

The International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 dedicated to Future Energy is an expositional and recreational event held between June 10 and September 10, 2017 in Astana. The exhibition will last 93 days and will be one of the most spectacular cultural venues in 2017.

As part of Astana EXPO 2017, global policy documents will be drafted in order to promote an energy-efficient lifestyle and wide use of renewable energy sources.

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