Youths Have High Entrepreneurship Spirit, but Not Daring Enough

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Citi Foundation has published a survey result of young people that will be useful in providing information on programming and collaboration by the company.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos, found that in addition to the political, economic and social dynamics, young people around the world are optimistic about their career prospects, but have limited capabilities and opportunities.

“Despite being in the midst of uncertainty and change around the world, 70 percent of young people are optimistic about their career prospects.This optimism is even higher in developing cities including Jakarta. In fact, 71 million young people are looking for work,” said Elvera N Makki, Country Head of Corporate Affairs at Citi Indonesia, on Saturday (9/30/2017).

There is often a discrepancy between the profession that young people are currently working with the work they really want to do.

The survey says globally 55 percent of young workers work in industries that are not their dreams. As many as 78 percent of young people believe that internships are important for success. However, about 60 percent said their internship opportunities are not enough.

Meanwhile, as many as three out of four young people are willing to work longer and take risks to achieve the career they want.

“Young people have a high entrepreneurial spirit but have not dared to start a business, nearly 70 percent of young people surveyed want entrepreneurship, but in reality only six percent are currently running their own businesses,” she said.

The survey of young people globally is followed by more than 7,000 young people aged 18-24 in 45 cities from 32 countries worldwide (including Jakarta, Indonesia), except for Antarctica, between November 2016 and January 2017.

Meanwhile, Citi announced a global expansion of Pathways to Progress initiated by the Citi Foundation with an investment of US $100 million to support 500,000 young people aged 16-24 years through training and work over the next three years. This is the largest philanthropic commitment in the history of the Citi Foundation.

Pathways to Progress is launched in 2014 with $50 million to help over 100,000 young people in 10 cities, to be ready for a career through first job, internship, leadership and entrepreneurship training. This expansion also includes a commitment to the participation of 10,000 Citi employees to volunteer to become mentors, trainers and role models for the younger generation, as well as to support their career development.

Pathways to Progress aims to reduce unemployment among young people in major cities around the world and improve the quality of young workers.


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