Bajaj Finance Offers Returns Up To 7.45% P.a. At A Minimum Deposit Of Rs. 15,000

Following the change, deposits held for 36 to 60 months will yield a cumulative return of up to 7% each year. Senior persons can benefit from up to 0.25 per cent higher FD rates, guaranteeing 7.45 per cent annual returns for 44 months.

Nothing can beat the thrill of commanding finances to meet your pre-defined objectives. Investing in the only option that can serve your set wealth accumulation goals. Investors need a balanced portfolio that can be utilised during their time of need. While starting your investing journey, you should:

– Have a better understanding of your financial status

– Increase self-dependency

– Manage your income and evade debts

– Define your financial goal clearly

– Know your risk profile

It will help you have a financial blueprint and define your means of investing to meet time-bound goals. Returns on your deposits depend on numerous factors, including inflation, tenor, invested amount, taxation and FD interest rates. Before starting investing, an individual needs to analyse such factors to maximise gains.

Most investors start their investing journey with safe investments that have the potential to offer you high returns to achieve your goals. One such safe investment is the fixed deposit. With Bajaj Finance, depositors can earn significant returns at a competitive interest rate.

Bajaj Finance FD is considered a safe investment option with stable and assured returns.

Attractive Features of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Deposits Starting at Rs. 15,000 Only

Bajaj Finance allows individuals to invest as low as Rs. 15,000, and the investment amount can go as high as 1 crore. Thus, whether you want to grow your savings or ensure the safety of your accumulated funds, you can invest in fixed deposits.

Flexible Tenures up to 60 Months

Bajaj Finance FD offers flexible tenure to meet short term or long term financial goals. Depositors can choose between 12 and 60 months based on their set financial objectives. You can start investing for your kid’s future, fund your world tour, comfortable retirement years, etc.

Secured Returns up to 7.45%

The interest rate is the primary concern for every investor. With Bajaj Finance FD, you can earn up to 7.45% interest. You can invest in non-cumulative FD for regular interest payouts or cumulative FD for accumulated funds by reinvesting the FD returns and compounding effect. You can choose interest payouts frequency as per your requirements. It can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Investors looking for wealth creation, in the long run, can opt for cumulative FD and receive the accumulated interest on the maturity date. Cumulative FD offers higher returns.

Highest Standards of Safety on your Deposit

The best way to determine an investment’s reliability is to check its credit rating assigned by reputed agencies. Bajaj Finance FD carries an FAAA rating by CRISIL and MAAA rating by ICRA, indicating the highest safety for your capital. Such ratings imply a safe investment and ensure you get your returns promptly. Bajaj Finance is known to have ‘0’ unclaimed deposits. Bajaj Finance is the trust of more than two lakh customers with a deposit book of above Rs.20,000 crore.

Better Risk Management

Fixed deposits are beneficial for managing the risk involved in an investment portfolio. Fixed deposit interest rates remain unaffected by market fluctuations. Therefore, risk-averse investors prioritise FDs to diversify their investment portfolios. Once you have invested your funds in Bajaj Finance FD, they will stay intact until the maturity date, provided you do not withdraw prematurely.

Hassle-free Investment Process

You can invest in the Bajaj Finance FD via a 100% digital process. A new depositor needs to provide your basic details for online KYC processing. Input the deposit amount, the preferred tenor, cumulative or non-cumulative FDs, and enter bank details. Bajaj Finance allows investing via UPI or internet banking also.

Online FD Interest Calculator

Using their FD calculator, you can calculate your returns and the required investment amount to achieve your financial goals. You will know how much you need to save now to start investing in getting the necessary amount.

Additional Interest Rate on FD renewal

Bajaj Finance FD is flexible enough to meet your financial goals. You will get an additional interest rate on your FD returns if you want to extend the FD tenor after reaching the maturity date.

Liquidity and Loan Against FDs

Sometimes depositors need to withdraw their FDs prematurely. Bajaj Finance offers a premature withdrawal facility to meet any urgent financial requirement. You need not complete any hectic process to get your funds. If you do not want to withdraw your funds during a financial emergency, you can apply for a loan against FD.

It is how Bajaj Finance FD helps depositors make the most out of their savings. Thus, regular savers who find it challenging to invest a considerable amount can invest in Bajaj Finance FD for as low as Rs. 15,000. You can make multiple deposits with your small savings. FDs with different maturity dates allow you to enjoy genuine interest even with an urgent financial requirement. You can withdraw one FD, and other FDs will continuously grow funds. Apply online and let your funds grow over time effortlessly.

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