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We operate in a sector where stress and pressure have become inevitable workplace companions.

These can result in an increased risk of mental health problems, like anxiety and depression, if left unchecked.

Consequently, it’s become essential for us all to consider the issues surrounding mental health, while simultaneously prioritising our own and our colleagues’ mental wellbeing.

But how can this be achieved as inclusively and positively as possible within our sector?

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) aims to create a culture of openness and compassion within the mortgage industry by spreading a message of support and understanding.

And we’re immensely proud of the schedule of events and initiatives we’ve drawn up for 2024.

Wellbeing Survey…

Throughout March and April, we’ll be urging individuals in the mortgage sector to participate in our annual Wellbeing Survey.

This research serves as a vital tool for assessing the current mental health ‘landscape’ within our industry – and then benchmarking what happens next.

The insights gathered inform both initiatives and support strategies which ultimately contribute to a healthier workplace environment.

MIMHC will compile these results into a comprehensive white paper which will be published during Mental Health Week, which runs between May 13th and 19th.

Significantly, the overarching theme of this year’s Mental Health Week is “movement” and it aims to highlight the importance of physical activity in maintaining mental well-being.

Walk and Talk initiatives…

Indeed, we will be promoting physical activity through “Walk and Talk” initiatives which will run throughout Mental Health Week.

In short, we would like as many of you as possible to sign up to take part in a meaningful conversation while simultaneously getting outside in the fresh air and recording your step count.

An information pack containing guidance and resources for organising your own “Walk and Talk” session will be made available for download from the MIMHC website.

A separate – and standout – event in our 2024 schedule is a planned 144-mile walk from Tamworth to Canary Wharf, London, led by myself.

This journey symbolises MIMHC’s dedication to promoting physical activity and raising awareness about mental health issues.

It’s a tangible representation of our commitment to the cause and is intended to inspire industry professionals to prioritise their mental and physical well-being.

After leaving Crystal Specialist Finance’s headquarters in Tamworth on Monday, May 13 – the start of Mental Health Week – I’ll be walking 28 miles, on average, every day for the rest of the week until arriving at London and hope as many other mortgage professionals will join me along the route.

Mindful Mondays – and proactive engagement…

MIMHC is also introducing ‘Mindful Mondays’.

In essence, these are intended to provide a dedicated time for industry professionals to meet either in their office or a nearby café for a coffee and a chat.

This monthly event is intended to foster community and connections while simultaneously breaking down those stigmas that still surround mental health conversations.

MIMHC will also be supporting sporting events organised by regional mental health advocates – like the Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (LAMP) – throughout 2024.

In addition, MIMHC ambassadors will be actively engaging fellow professionals at mortgage club and mortgage network events throughout the year.

These opportunities will be used to advocate for mental health awareness while also encouraging mortgage brokers to become signatories to the MIMHC charter.

Regional meetings for signatories will be another cornerstone of MIMHC’s 2024 initiatives.

These meetings – held either face-to-face or virtually – will provide a platform for signatories to meet specifically for the discussion of what’s working best for them.

It’s an opportunity to share those insights, challenges and successes that will further strengthen the community of support that MIMHC has already fostered within the mortgage industry.

Mental Health Day 2024…

MIMHC’s 2024 program of events will culminate in a charity dinner on Mental Health Day, which falls on Thursday, October 10, this year.

We’ll use this as an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve achieved when it comes to promoting mental well-being, while also fundraising for mental health initiatives.

Andrew Montlake, co-founder at MIMHC, explains: “Our action-packed schedule for 2024 reaffirms MIMHC’s commitment to promoting the mental health and well-being of everyone working in our industry.

“Through this diverse range of initiatives and events, we will create lasting change within the mortgage sector by fostering a culture of support and understanding surrounding mental health issues.”

To conclude…

MIMHC’s 2024 schedule is a testament to our dedication to prioritising mental wellbeing in the mortgage industry.

By promoting awareness, starting appropriate conversations and fostering a supportive environment, MIMHC is leading the way towards a healthier and happier workplace for us all.

Jason Berry is MIMHC co-founder and group sales director at Crystal Specialist Finance

For more information about MIMHC and its initiatives, visit

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