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Food dollar, then and now | Opinion

I remember a speech given in 2012 while I was attending a global roundtable in Dublin, Ireland. The presenter said that the problem with the American food system is that consumers spend less than 10% of their income on food. Of course, he was referencing the European model where, at …

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Inflation Is About the Quality of Money, Not Quantity

Text size Prices rise until the real value of wealth held in the form of money is brought back into balance with the demand, writes David Ranson. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images About the author: David Ranson is head of research at HCWE & Co. in Portland, OR. Contrary to a popular …

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Today’s homebuyers take on the highest mortgage payments ever

 What happens when your ship takes on water faster than you can bail it out? It sinks. Kind of like today’s homebuyers stuck with their newly minted purchases. A median-income household who purchases a median-priced home today will be considered housing burdened — spending more than 30% of their …

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