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Things To Know Before Investing In Pre-ipo Deals

Until recently, investment opportunities in private companies have only been available to large institutional investors. There is high demand for participation in well-known private companies and scope for generating a higher alpha, and so the investor landscape is now changing to include a broader set of audiences in the pre-IPO …

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Facing Financial Fears In 2022

2022 has given us plenty of reasons to fear for our financial health—inflation, rising interest rates, and a global conflict are the big three that have sent stock and bond markets into one of the more volatile stretches we’ve seen, at least since the initial shock of pandemic shutdowns roiled …

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Individual Investors Step Back From Options Bets

Those individual investors had embraced options as a way of riding the stock market’s momentum that drove shares of companies from Apple Inc. to Nvidia Corp. to new heights. Now, the Federal Reserve’s move to raise interest rates to tame inflation has thrown that dynamic into reverse, sending the prices …

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