‘Too high’: Spokane homeowners expresses frustration after receiving property valuation notice

SPOKANE, Wash — Starting this week, the Spokane County Assessor’s office will mail out new property valuations to more than 213,000 homeowners in Spokane County.

It’s the county’s way of putting a price on your home, and this year, your tax bill for your house will likely be higher.

“Gas is a lot more expensive, groceries have gone through the roof, now this. It just seems a little bit of extra shot we don’t need a right now,” said Mike Young, a homeowner in Spokane.

Young, who recently got a property valuation notice, can’t see himself paying a higher tax bill much longer.

“Extra $1,500 a year if they keep doing that. A tax bill doubles, and that’s a lot,” Young said.

That’s the change that Spokane County Assessor Tom Konis, who has worked in Spokane for 29 years, sees, too.

“I’ve only been an assessor for three years. I’ve never seen anything increase like this before,” Konis said.

Konis said your property value would be determined by analyzing sales in 969 statistical neighborhoods, and it will depend on the structure of your home.

“Even though your housing value goes up by 30 percent, your tax bill will not go that high,” Konis said.

The tax bill in 2021 went up more than 10 percent compared to 2020.

However, Konis said that he doesn’t know how much the tax bill will increase until December, but it will likely go up more than 10 percent, adding that the money will go to school districts.

“To different districts, again, we are adding more students to schools. They need more money to run,” Konis said. “On my personal… 58 percent of my taxes will go to schools.”

However, if you think the assessment is incorrect, you can appeal to lower your tax bill.

“Appraisal’s email contact information and their phone number is right on the card in the mail. Give the appraisal a call,” Konis said.

Because the assessor’s office only values houses on the street or visual access that they have, meaning they might not catch something different about your home if they can’t tell from the outside.

You can search your parcel information and see if you are eligible for property tax exemptions HERE.

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