Bitcoin technical analysis: Probably going to 69k

Welcome to our latest Bitcoin technical analysis! We delve into the daily timeframe, examining the recent movements and potential future directions of Bitcoin.

🔍 Today’s bitcoin technical analysis highlights:

  • Observation of the past two daily candles and their proximity to the crucial 20 EMA, a significant indicator for algo firms and professional traders.
  • A potential downward movement was noticed, followed by a rebound over the 20 EMA, signaling a potential temporary bounce.
  • Discussion on key price levels to watch, specifically around the $68,400 and $69,250 to $70,000 range, within a notable trend line zone after a double bottom pattern, suggesting a possible breakout.

📈 What’s Next for Bitcoin?

  • Bitcon probably going to 69k next. We’re closely monitoring these developments for signs of a temporary bounce. However, trading involves risks, and we advise trading at your own risk.

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📊 Disclaimer:
This analysis is for informational purposes only. Itai Levitan and are not providing financial, investment, or trading advice. Always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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