How rich you’d be today if you invested £1,000 in Bitcoin in 2009

How rich you'd be today if you invested £1,000 in Bitcoin in 2009

It’s a lot higher that you think

In the past 10 years, cryptocurrency has become one of the biggest investment crazes with several of them reaching extortionate values in only a short period of time.

But with the sharp highs come the short lows, as a lot of cryptocurrencies have violently tanked and are now worth almost nothing.

The investment choice is beyond volatile, but the leading cryptocurrency is none other than Bitcoin.

And if we were all smart enough to listen to this bloke, we’d be swimming in it right now:

Launched in 2009 with a value of exactly $0, Bitcoin has sharply increased and decreased in value ever since, comparing to a badly designed rollercoaster.

But on Thursday morning (29 February), the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed and hit a value upwards of $63,000 (£49,900), following a day of sharp rises.

These promising signs indicate that Bitcoin is nearing its all-time high value, which was hit amidst the pandemic in November 2021, with several people turning to cryptocurrency as an investment option.

Back then, the value of one Bitcoin hit $67,707 (£53,500) before plummeting in value in the latter stages of 2022.

You would be filthy rich.

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As it begins to increase in value, it makes you wonder just how much would you have made if you got in early, was way ahead of the curve and dumped some money into Bitcoin?

Well, unsurprisingly, it’s a lot of dough.

So, how much would that be exactly?

Well, we asked ChatGPT what the investment would be worth today, if you were telepathic enough to put that amount down in 2009.

Firstly, £1000 would have got you an estimated 1,000,000 Bitcoins in 2009, and with its value hitting £49,977.84, that would work out to a total of £49,977,840,000 today.

That’s a profit of almost fifty billion of the King’s finest.

If only we were psychic in 2009.

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Again, this is only if you held on to the cryptocurrency through all the price fluctuations for 15 years.

I’m sure early sellers will be kicking themselves repeatedly right now.

So if Bitcoin were to continue its recent upward trend and surpass its previous high of $67,707, and get to say, $70,000, the total would be a lot higher.

Just over £55 billion for those who were wondering.

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