Did Travis Henry Keep The Weight Off?


  • Henry lost 238 lbs thanks to key life changes, undergoing weight-loss surgery with Dr. Now.
  • Despite facing hurdles, Henry maintained his weight loss and lost additional weight after the show.
  • Travis transformed his life post-show, showing a significant weight reduction & progress towards his music career.

Travis Henry is known for his remarkable transformation on My 600-lb Life, but has he been able to keep the weight off since cameras stopped rolling? The Texas native had dreams of being a musician, but he was constrained by his 617 lb weight. Much like other participants on My 600-lb Life, Henry’s patterns of behavior can be traced back to a troubled past. Abandoned by his family during childhood, he masked the pain with food.

By the age of 25, Travis’ weight had reached 500 lb. When his first fiance ended their relationship, he turned to food as a means of coping with the loss. His luck started to turn when he met his future wife, Yasmin, at church, but their plans for a wedding were impeded by his weight. Frustrated by all the sacrifices Yasmin had to make, Henry decided to commit to a rigorous weight-loss regimen under the guidance of renowned surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Did Travis lose all the weight, and was he able to keep it off?


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Travis Henry’s Journey

My 600-lb Life's Travis Henry eating food with blue shirt on

Despite encountering challenges along the way, Travis persevered in his efforts to lose weight under the guidance of Dr. Now, and he successfully underwent weight-loss surgery. By the end of his episode of My 600-lb Life, he had shed an impressive 238 pounds, achieving a final weight of 379 pounds in one of My 600-lb Life‘s most astounding weight-loss journeys. Travis prevailed by maintaining a steadfast focus on his ultimate objective. He acknowledged his mistakes without offering any excuses that could hurt his journey.

Did Travis Henry Gain The Weight Back?

My 600-lb Life Travis Henry in blue shirt on a couch

Since the episode aired in February 2020, Travis has demonstrated remarkable progress. In April of the same year, he shared a vlog offering a glimpse into his daily life, showcasing his ongoing pursuit of a music career, family outings to the movies, and joint gym sessions with his wife. Not only did Travis not gain the weight back, but he also lost additional weight since appearing on My 600-lb Life.

What Has Travis Henry Been Up To?

His latest Instagram photo, posted in December 2021, suggests a substantial weight reduction since his time on My 600-lb Life. While it remains uncertain whether he and Yasmin were able to realize their dream wedding, the positive trajectory of his life is undeniably inspiring. Travis is one of many people who were able to achieve dramatic weight loss on the show, and the upcoming My 600-lb Life season 12 premiere is sure to introduce other inspiring weight-loss stories.

My 600-lb Life

season 12 premieres on March 6, 2024, on TLC.

Source: Travis Henry/Instagram


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