Don’t sleep on an in-house brand cleaning buy from Dollar Tree

A SAVVY shopper has spilled the details on her cheap finds, including dish detergent.

She said that Dollar Tree’s in-house brand really works and it won’t break the bank.

Melissa Houser produces videos on all things lifestyle, including shopping haulsCredit: TikTok/mhouser12
She said she even scores dish detergent at a steal from Dollar TreeCredit: TikTok/mhouser12

Melissa Houser (@mhouser12) filmed herself shopping the aisles in a video on TikTok.

“This is part two of the cleaning supplies from Dollar Tree that I would buy and never buy again, including the new items. Let’s get into it,” she said.

“These Cascade packs for your dishwasher — an absolute must.

“They also have the generic but these ones are the best, obviously. This stuff was way too clumpy for me.

“Do not use this if you have copper pipes. It could ruin them,” she said of the Dollar Tree brand Ultra Shine.

“This scent of the Dawn dish soap smells literally amazing,” she added.

She also recommended checking out Dollar Tree’s dupe for Lysol wipes, which are on sale for $13.97 at Walmart.

“Don’t sleep on their Lysol brand of wipes,” she said.

“They work really good and they smell good also. I buy these all the time,” she added.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

I always find Dollar Tree dupes for high end items – I have a $1.25 copy of a $33 Sephora buy_

“My Dollar Tree looks like an apocalypse,” one wrote.

“I use Awesome on almost everything including laundry stains and dishwasher tablets work wondering on toilets,” another added.

“Yes to skip on the drain cleaner. Used them on my cast iron pipes and they got destroyed,” a third commented.

“I wish half of these items were at the Dollar Trees near me,” yet another wrote.

“Love the Brillo brand, the Oxy Blast is amazing,” one more said.

She highly recommended Dollar Tree’s dupe for Lysol Wipes for any cleaning whizzCredit: TikTok/mhouser12

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