Lenovo’s PawPad Yoga 9 is designed specifically for your cat

Lenovo has announced the PawPad Yoga 9, a 13-inch laptop designed specifically for the furry feline in your life. Running the Panther 919 CPU and a 13-inch FHD (Feline High Definition) display with Jaguar Glass, the laptop has Meow Recognition mode, a Pawprint Scanner as well as a Tent Mode / Hiding Place, all aimed at ensuring that your cat has easy access to all the features Curtains 10 OS has to offer.

Says Lenovo:

Cats wake up long before alarm clocks do; prevent your feline companion from yowling at you by giving her complete access to her PawPad Yoga 9. She can logon herself using our pawprint scanner, and with the appropriate training, start an entertaining app with the swipe of a paw on the multitouch screen.During your cat’s training stage, while he’s learning how to logon and start apps, you might want to give him further incentive by leaving the Yoga 9 next to his food and water bowls. That’s okay – the backlit keyboard is crumb-proof, water-proof, and, in case your cat wants to clean himself, dander-proof!

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