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Way back in 2014, it was announced that Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg were going to be developing a feature film reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man 1970s sci-fi series. The movie was to be retitled The Six Billion Dollar Man, and after all these years Wahlberg has offered an update on the movie.

During an interview with ScreenRant, he said: “We’ve got the rights again, we’re looking at making that movie — hopefully soon.” He then noted there’s a “ticking clock” on playing an action hero, adding: “Thank God it’s an older guy who they feel like has some real-life experience that makes it worth it for him to be the subject of this experiment.”

The original show follows the story of Steve Austin, a former astronaut and test pilot who is severely injured in a crash and is subsequently rebuilt with bionic implants, making him superhumanly strong and fast. With his new abilities, Steve becomes a secret agent for the government, undertaking missions that require his unique skills. As he grapples with his new identity and the moral implications of his enhanced powers, Steve navigates a world of espionage, intrigue, and danger, all while striving to maintain his humanity amidst his cybernetic enhancements.

When previously talking about the film after the initial announcement was made, Wahlberg said: “We’re talking about doing Six Billion Dollar Man, which is very much a superhero, but I don’t have to wear any kind of spandex cape. So that would be cool.”

The actor also said: “We got a great, great idea and it’s something that’s been in the pipeline for quite some time, so hopefully if we get the script right maybe we’ll make it after we do Deep Water Horizon (2016).”

The most recent script for the film was written by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant). If this movie gets made it could be a cool one. I tend to enjoy the films that Wahlberg and Berg make together.

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