The Best $20 You Can Spend at Dollar Tree, According to Superfans

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As any superfan will tell you, there’s no better place to save money on everyday items than Dollar Tree. You can get glassware, candy, basic pantry staples, cleaning supplies and even simple medicine from this discount retailer — most of which only cost $1.25 each.

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If you have $20 and are looking to maximize your money, you might want to head to your local Dollar Tree for some of these items — as recommended by superfans.

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When it comes to dishes, Dollar Tree is the go-to place for many superfans.

“If I had $20 to spend at the Dollar Tree, the first few dollars would be on drinking glass sets. They’re nothing special feature-wise, but they are basically durable and quite a bargain,” said David Bakke, budgeting expert at Dollar Sanity.

You can also pick up individual glasses, if you’d prefer. Options include wine and champagne glasses, beer mugs, tumblers and regular drinking glasses. And if you still have money left over, check out Dollar Tree’s selection of dinner plates, bowls, mugs and eating utensils.

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Greeting Cards

Several superfans noted that greeting cards are one of their top picks when shopping at Dollar Tree.

Greeting cards cost anywhere from $3 to $6 at your typical store. But at Dollar Tree, you can get them for $1.25 apiece — that’s practically a steal. You might even be able to pick them up in packs of two or more, making each individual card even cheaper.

“Two for $1 at dollar tree! I always buy a bunch of assorted cards so that I have them ready for any occasion,” said Redditor Oranginafina.

“At my dollar store, you can buy a box of 20 assorted Christmas [cards] for $3,” said another Redditor in that same post.


If you’re looking for cheap candy, Dollar Tree’s got a good variety to choose from, too.

“The next part of my 20 bucks would be on retail candy, especially after the candy holidays like Halloween and Easter,” said Bakke. “This stuff is dirt cheap, and it lasts quite a while, so you don’t have to worry about it expiring.”

Superfan Imsakidd on Reddit added that they’d definitely buy candy from Dollar Tree, too. “Even with the smaller bag sizes, they have [a] better selection than grocery stores and better price per unit. Also great to let kids shop for themselves to pick out one or two treats, because you know everything is $1.25!”

Quick Meals

The cost of groceries always seems to be on the rise, but you can still get some very affordable staples at Dollar Tree for $20 or less. This includes everything from canned goods to frozen breakfasts to boxed dinners. Even compared to places like Aldi or Walmart, Dollar Tree still has better prices on many of these items.

“Top Ramen, tortillas, pie fillings, canned fruits, pork rinds and numerous [health and beauty care items], we buy exclusively at [Dollar Tree], as it is cheaper there than anywhere else,” said a Dollar Tree superfan on Reddit.

With $20, you could easily purchase several complete meals for the family. Or you could stock up your pantry with some long-lasting staples — liked canned or boxed foods — for future meal prep.

Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree has an assortment of cleaning products, including multipurpose cleaning cloths, disinfectant wipes, microfiber cleaning pads, eyeglass lens cleaners and all-purpose household cleaners. Many locations even have laundry detergent, dish soap and hand soap.

Since nearly everything costs $1.25, you could stock up on these basic household cleaners for $20.

One particular item Bakke recommended was steel wool.

“Steel wool is steel wool when it comes to cleaning — the stuff works great,” he said. “If I had $20 to spend, one part of it would be on this. It’s the same quality compared to other outlets, literally at pennies on the dollar.”

Over-the-Counter Medicine

Last but not least, if you’re looking to spend $20 at Dollar Tree, one superfan recommended medicine. As long as you don’t need anything prescription-strength, you can find a lot of what you need for just $1.25.

“Medicine (like ibuprofen, etc.),” said Redditor Pew-pew-the-laser. “Recently had a cold and their smaller package/cheaper price is perfect. No leftover and no waste.”

You can also find extra-strength Tylenol and medicine for coughs, allergies, congestion, muscle pain and more. Many of these items come in small packs, which is perfect for when you’re on-the-go or need something short-term. Pick up several of these in one trip and still keep to your $20 budget.

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