The Worst Day of the Week To Shop at Dollar Tree

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Certain weekdays are less ideal for shopping at Dollar Tree than others. If you go during the worst times, you’ll often face busier aisles, longer lines and limited inventory. Depending on which store you’re visiting and how many other customers you’re alongside, you could also have a harder time finding someone to help if you have questions.

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If you’re not sure when to avoid Dollar Tree, and when to go, here’s what you should know.

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Weekends Are the Worst Days To Shop

Folks tend to have weekends off, which means they use these days to run errands. If you’re trying to avoid long lines, busy parking lots and traffic, steer clear of Saturdays and Sundays.

“Weekends will generally be the worst times to shop at Dollar Tree just because that’s when many shoppers will be out. These stores are already small, so competing with other shoppers for both space and products can make the trip more of a hassle,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at

Some Dollar Trees have more staff working weekends to accommodate this increased demand. But you might not be able to get someone to answer any queries you might have — particularly if the store is still understaffed.

Plus, if you shop on the weekend, you run the risk of your Dollar Tree running out of whatever is on your list.

“[Weekends] can make it harder to find the items you’re interested in and increases the odds of some products being sold out, so if you can avoid shopping on the weekends you may make the process easier overall,” Ramhold added.

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David Bakke, a shopping expert at DollarSanity, also advised against weekend shopping. “Avoid the Dollar Tree like the plague on the weekends. You have deal hunters, after-church folks… Plus, the shelves could be rather empty if the store was busy the previous day. Stick to the in-week strategy.”

Of course, not everyone can avoid shopping on the weekend, so Chelsea Faulkner, avid Dollar Tree shopper and creator of The Crazy Working Mom, has some advice for these folks.

“If you must go on one of these days, I recommend making it in before 11 a.m.,” said Faulker. “You will be more likely to beat some of the weekend crowd this way, and it will give you a better chance of scoring the items on your list.”

Shop Early in the Week Instead

By shopping during the week, you often avoid other shoppers. This means you’ll have more space in the aisles for your shopping cart. It also means less competition for what you want.

“Weekdays — particularly early in the week — may be the best time to shop Dollar Tree stores,” said Ramhold. “It’ll depend on your location for sure, but in general you may have better luck shopping on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays rather than other days of the week.”

But why is early in the week better than, say, Thursdays or Fridays?

“Early in the week has the potential to have fewer shoppers as well as fresher stock,” said Ramhold. “But it really depends on when your store receives deliveries as well as when they can get the stock on the shelves.”

You can contact your local Dollar Tree to determine when they get their shipments in and how often they restock their shelves, giving you a better idea of which days to go and which ones to avoid.

Avoid the Evenings

Regardless of the day, evenings tend to be busier. Even during the week, people just getting out of work might swing by to pick up something they need.

So, if you want to avoid the crowds, stick to the mornings or afternoons. The earlier it is, the less crowded Dollar Tree stores tend to be. If possible, go shortly after they open for the day.

Use Money-Saving Strategies

If you’re trying to get the most out of your trip to Dollar Tree, here are a few strategies to implement:

  • Consider the holiday or season. Like many stores, Dollar Tree usually has holiday-themed and seasonal items. What this means for you is the potential for some great deals — if you shop at the right time. But it also means more competition as other savvy shoppers try to get those deals.

  • Shop right after the holidays. “Like other retailers, the best time to shop for holiday-specific goodies at Dollar Tree is the day after said holiday,” said Ramhold. “That’s when we see seasonal candies and other items discounted by 50% off… By shopping immediately after the holiday, you’ll hit that sweet spot of best selection and best prices for stocking up.”

  • Use manufacturer coupons. “Dollar Tree will accept manufacturer coupons, so it’s worth checking before you head out to see if there are any coupons for products you want to purchase,” said Ramhold. But remember, Dollar Tree can refuse any coupons.

  • Use cashback. “There are several cash-back apps that have Dollar Tree listed on them,” said Ramhold. “So, if you have a favorite, definitely check to see if the store is eligible on the app.”

  • Take advantage of credit card rewards. If you regularly use a credit card, see if you can use your points to lower your total bill. Be sure to pay off your credit card every month before interest incurs, though.

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