Use Up That Stale Pound Cake And Make Dessert Croutons

slices of pound cake on plate

slices of pound cake on plate – Hichako/Getty Images

Pound cake is a versatile dessert that pairs well with lots of sweet treats. If you don’t feel like making your own, storebought brands are a great alternative. However, you may find that your packaged poundcake goes stale after not so long, which will ruin its delectably moist texture. When this occurs, you have a prime opportunity to make dessert croutons, which are as fun as they are tasty.

When it comes to savory croutons, many recipes recommend using bread that’s a bit stale, as day-old bread has a more amenable texture for achieving the perfect crispy crunch. The same principle applies when making a dessert version of croutons, as stale pound cake will contribute to a toastier, crunchier texture. Along with expanding your dessert arsenal, using stale bread products reduces food waste, which is good for your grocery budget and the planet. Whipping up your own croutons is also a pretty easy undertaking, especially when you consider the goodness that awaits.

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Sweet Pairings For Your Dessert Croutons

yogurt parfait with strawberries and cakeyogurt parfait with strawberries and cake

yogurt parfait with strawberries and cake – Nemer-T/Shutterstock

Pound cake croutons are great for adding a bit of texture to creamy treats like ice cream and pudding. You can also take the sumptuous dessert a step further by drizzling melted homemade caramel over the cubes. Try replacing granola in your next yogurt parfait with some of these tasty dessert croutons and enjoy the elevated flavor.

For a fun presentation, consider adding pound cake croutons to skewers along with fresh berries and some whipped cream on the side for dipping. Pound cake skewers are perfect for breakfast or brunch, but they can also make for a tasty snack when the mood strikes for something sweet. For a truly unique dessert idea, you can make a fruit-based soup consisting of yogurt and blended strawberries. Dessert croutons are the perfect finishing touch for this recipe, as they add a nice crunch to the velvety texture of the soup.

Other Ways To Use Leftover Pound Cake

bread pudding with caramel topping on tablebread pudding with caramel topping on table

bread pudding with caramel topping on table – Msphotographic/Getty Images

In addition to dessert croutons, there are lots of other innovative uses for surplus pound cake. It can take the place of the bread in bread pudding and infuse the recipe with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s also perfectly fine if your pound cake is a bit stale when making the recipe, as fresh cake is far too absorbent. After adding milk, the dry textures of stale bread products allow them to soak up lots of moisture without becoming too soft. As for seasoning, cinnamon and vanilla extra will add warmth and depth to the pound cake-based bread pudding.

You can also make some amazing French toast using pound cake in place of bread. Pound cake works well as a French toast stand-in because it’s dense enough to handle being dunked in the egg-milk mixture. It also pairs well with many of the classic toppings that are used on French toast. Fresh fruit or jam add some tartness to the dish, while flavored sauces and whipped cream make it a true dessert. With so many great options for leftover pound cake, you’ll never need to discard a single slice.

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