Employee relations 2.0: Overcome the investment gap

Collaborative research from Empowering People Group and AdviserPlus has found that although HR leaders recognise the value and opportunity presented by the digital transformation of their employee relations (ER) function, there are significant barriers to success. 

By comparing opinions from HR and the C-suite, the findings identify pain points and then highlight strategies to elevate the efficiency and impact of the ER function, to ultimately empower managers and boost return on investment (ROI).

With ER ranking higher on the priority list than other HR functions for more than half of the respondents, this report emphasises the urgent need for a fresh mindset and approach towards investing in ER transformation.

Be among the first to download Employee Relations 2.0: Overcoming the investment gap to drive an ROI revolution to discover key insights, including the alarming gap between the perceived importance of ER and the actual investment it receives. 

Learn about:

  • Under-investment: Despite ER being ranked high as a priority, organisations lack technology and transformation budget allocation. 
  • Poor data-driven insights: ER functions often lack access to crucial data for decision-making, hindering strategic workforce management and employee engagement efforts.
  • Capability and budgetary gap: Line managers struggle to handle ER matters effectively, necessitating targeted training, tech enablement, and collaboration to ensure managers can confidently and consistently manage their teams.

Based on the findings, organisations need to prioritise ER transformation initiatives, which requires a robust business case and illustration of the ROI opportunity. Initiatives should address the barriers of manager empowerment and a lack of tech enablement to close the gap between the value of ER and the investment in optimising the function.

By addressing these critical gaps, organisations can unlock the full potential of their ER function, creating a more engaged, productive, and loyal workforce. This will help drive significant improvements in organisational performance and competitive advantage.

Act now to bridge the gap between perception and reality in ER investment. Recognise the potential for strategic investment and benefit from transformation that enables a business-driven and agile approach, ensuring that every investment in ER initiatives delivers measurable results.

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