What UAE’s $35 Billion Investment In Egypt Means (Odd Lots Podcast)

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The United Arab Emirates recently unveiled a stunning $35 billion investment in Egypt, snapping up development rights in an area on the Mediterranean coast. The announcement has since paved the way for Egypt to float its currency, easing a currency crisis that’s been going on for years now and paving the way for an even bigger bailout from the IMF. But why exactly is the UAE pumping roughly 7% of its GDP into Egypt? What does the deal say about politics in the Middle East region? And what does it mean for the flow of petrodollars — the vast amount of money generated by the Gulf’s oil income — in the global financial system? On this episode, we speak to Ziad Daoud, chief emerging markets economist at Bloomberg Economics and a co-author of a new Bloomberg News Big Take about the UAE’s huge investment.

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