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Salesforce’s (CRM) stock was up more than 2% on Wednesday after launching a new artificial intelligence focused product on Slack.

Yahoo Finance’s Dan Howley reports:

Slack, the popular workplace messaging app, has officially launched its Slack AI. An intelligent assistant, the bot is designed to make it easier to catch up on the ever-expanding list of work threads and channels that haunt your dreams.

Salesforce-owned (CRM) Slack has been testing Slack AI with a handful of early adopters, but now it’s opening the service up to all of its customers, albeit as a paid add-on. Slack, however, didn’t disclose the price of the offering.

Slack AI is broken down into three main features: summarization for threads, summarization for channels, and a search option. To access threads and channel summarization, you go into the appropriate thread or channel and click or tap the star symbol in the top right corner of your Slack Window.

Slack AI will then run through the content of your thread or channel and summarize it into a bite-sized list complete with key topics and action items. The idea is to eliminate the hassle of having to scroll through long conversations that you might have missed while you were in a meeting, focused on other work, or out of the office.

Slack vice president of product Jackie Rocca said the feature is also helpful in time-sensitive situations. One example she cited was workers attempting to respond to a customer issue. The expert who would normally resolve the problem, however, is offline and by the time they get online there’s been a lengthy conversation with the customer and other workers about the issue.

Rather than scrolling through the back-and-forth between the customer and co-workers, the expert could use Slack AI to summarize the chat and get the gist of what’s going on right away.

The same general concept applies to channel summaries. You can choose to summarize recent conversations, from the last seven days or within a specific time period.

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